“If you do a good job for people and charge them a fair price, they’ll always remember you.”

This principle was established in me as a child as I worked side by side with my father in his painting business.  Like my dad, I have always given my best at everything I have attempted.

When I opened the Body Shop, Inc in Clinton Township, Michigan in 1988, I was determined to live up to my father’s teachings and give my best to my clients. I have always run my business with a “hands-on” attitude, giving special attention to detail and service. I take pride in every vehicle I repair and strive to provide an undetectable repair.  Who wants to drive around with the memory of their crash in full view?  I know that I would never be satisfied with anything less than the best and I give that same courtesy to my clients.

That’s the good job part!

But market competition demands more than just a “good job” and to stay in business, I had to do more.  I started by giving my clients more than they expected. If there was a paint chip or a “ding” in a panel which was being repaired, I attended to it.  I never dreamed of returning a “finished” vehicle to a client without thoroughly cleaning and vacuuming the interior.  These little extras made the repair complete in my eyes—the finished product “stands out.”  And I didn’t nickel and dime my client for these “extras.”

That’s the fair price part!

Since 1988, I have built a reputation for quality repairs and personal service. My clients can be assured that they and their vehicle will be handled with the utmost care. I know how stressful an experience being involved in an accident is and my clients won’t be treated like another “number” that has walked through the door.  I personally attend to each step of the claims process to ensure that my client is reunited with their vehicle in a timely manner. That is my commitment to personal service!

Through the years, I have hand-picked my repair technicians and provided them training in the latest repair techniques.   I expect that they carry on the tradition of quality, fairness and personal service.  Consequently, I have acquired a reputation of being “too picky” by area technicians who didn’t meet my standards.  I don’t miss them!

The Body Shop, Inc. is fully equipped to handle any type of repair. The latest equipment and repair procedures are utilized to make sure a client’s vehicle is restored to full safety standards.  These procedures include:

  1. Computerized unibody/frame realignment. A must with today’s vehicles.
  2. Mig welding and the latest S.T.R.S.W. welding to match OEM specifications and appearance
  3. The latest corrosion protection and sound deadening materials, for a “sound” repair.
  4. The most up-to-date refinishing line from BASF (and soon to be adding waterborne paints) for a durable, undetectable repair.
  5. A Lifetime Warranty!!

Like my competition, I can crow about the advantages of bringing your vehicle to The Body Shop, Inc. But I know that the best proof is for my clients to see it with their own eyes.

Are you ready?

If The Body Shop, Inc. is not the first collision shop you stop by, make sure we’re the last!

Gary Oakie
The Body Shop, Inc.
33376 Kelly Rd
Clinton Township, Michigan 48035
Macomb County
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